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We create knowledge-based employment and economic growth

The society pours financial support into academic research, although return on investment in commercial form has been poor. Funding organizations echo the discovery by notifying the lack of interest, motivation, experience and education of researchers in order to successfully commercialize their research findings. And before the research finding is suitable for commercial actions, it has to be developed, refined and tested. This requires skills and funds the researchers seldom have.

Our mission is to find the research findings with significant commercial potential and refine them into a feasible products or services with scalable business model, only to be handed over to merited and experienced entrepreneurs who will take responsibility for their commercialization and internationalization. Thus Sentarum Neuroscience Oy acts a preseed actor for excavating the scientific research results that would otherwise be forgotten, or even worse, commercialized in other country utilizing the funding our society has invested in it.

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